Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Pantry

Karen at brazen's culinary adventures challenged readers to share pics of their pantries.

Well, our pantry really was the selling point for me when looking at homes 2 years ago. Although I am not in the culinary profession I do like cooking a LOT !! So, I needed lots of space for my mess.

The pantry is a fairly large affair compared to the overall size of the house, but even so I had to add more in the form of a bookcase on the left, the rack just inside the door on the right and 3 extra half shelves in the main section on the right to house smaller jars without loosing them behind the mess.

I'll add photos of the wall unit too later.


  1. OMG now i almost wish i hadn't asked you to repost - i am obscenely jealous!!! LOL

  2. Don't be too jealous, I say as I look at Dani's pantry and turn green. How can she do it?

    I bought a book last week entitled "Does this Clutter make my BUTT look BIG", read it and thought the I desperately need to destock now. Big time. LOL

  3. I lust in my heart after a walk in pantry. One day we will get around to redeveloping and a pantry of those proportions.

    In the meantime I'll just be pea green with envy.

    BTW I hope that's not nauseous green when you look at my cramped quarters.