Saturday, July 5, 2008

Crème Caramel in Varoma

More fun in the Varoma last night, lots more ideas, more recipes to follow.
This dish was trialled though a few weeks ago in my old model and produced suprisingly good results from a first attempt. There is more caramel in the photo than was needed - not the fault of the machine. If I were a professional then I should have sucked some up with my handy syringe (that's another use George !) before the photo shoot.
Crème caramel

Ingredients: (4 serves)
Caramel to line 4 ceramic moulds
70g sugar
250 g of milk
2 eggs (60 g eggs)

500 g of water
Pour the caramel into the ceramic moulds (about 3cm high that can fit into the Varoma upper tray). Allow caramel to set.

Once the caramel has firmed place the sugar in the TMX bowl, blitz for 40 seconds at speed 10.  Add the milk & eggs & mix for 10 seconds on speed 4.

Pour the mixture into the moulds. Cover with a sheet of paper towel (to absorb excess water ) and then a piece of aluminium foil. Place moulds on the tray for the Varoma. Place the tray inside the main section of the Varoma and cover with the lid.

Pour the water into the TMX bowl (you don’t need to clean it out) and position the Varoma on top. Set the Thermomix for 30 minutes at Varoma temperature and speed 1.

Carefully remove the foil and paper to check for firmness. The custard should not be liquid in the centre but should wobble. It will continue to cook a little after removing from the steam so don’t overcook it.

Allow to cool for an hour and then put in the refrigerator for at least another hour.

When ready for service remove from the fridge at least 10 minutes beforehand to allow the custards to warm slightly. Carefully turn on plates, remove the mould and serve.


  1. Looks good. Did you make the caramel in the TM? I made caramel in the TM last night for tarte tatin avec rhubarb and it worked quite well but needs a little tweaking. Would love to hear your method

  2. I didn't make it in Thermomix, just on stove top. I would be interested to see your method - I might have to try it.

  3. Have tried to make caramel but the temp doesn't seem to get high enough to start the sugar caramelising. Even tried glucose which has a lower temp needed to produce caramel - still no luck ???

  4. I have tried this and i think the recipe should say to pulverise the sugar first (making icing sugar) before adding the milk and eggs otherwise when u are pouring it into the moulds the sugar will just sit at the bottom of the jug and wont be evenly distributed...