Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bailey’s Zabaglione in the Thermomix

One of the biggest benefits that both professional chefs and us ordinary users alike have found with the Thermomix is the ability to cook at set temperatures.

If preparing an anglaise or custard, then the egg mixture does not like temperatures over 80°C. The Thermomix can cook a custard without anybody watching – just set & forget.

A dish that I like preparing in my machine is zabaglione. The butterfly allows the mixture to be beaten allowing the egg yolks and sugar become fluffy and then it cooks the mixture to perfection.

The original recipe uses marsala, but I used Bailey's as it has a creaminess that helps keep the zabaglione thick. If you are not into alcohol then you can either cut back or substitute the Baileys. Some people use sparkling wine (Spumante), orange juice or coffee.

In most recipes for zabaglione made in the Thermomix the heat is turned on at the start, so it is even easier. I have found that creaming the egg and sugar before starting to heat the mixture reduces the amount of yolk that may catch on the cooking base.

No more developing my muscles over the bain marie – just push the right buttons and flick the switches and hey presto – la mia zabaglione e pronto.



1 MC castor sugar
2 eggs
4 egg yolks
2 MC Baileys Irish liqueur

(MC = Measuring cup = 100ml)


Insert the Butterfly over the blades & add the sugar, eggs and egg yolks.

Whip for 4 minutes, Speed 4.

Add the Baileys and cook for 5 minutes at 70 ºC, Speed 4.

Serve immediately.

Is that easy or what?


  1. Hi. I love this recipe, but I have 8 for dinner. If I doubled the ingredients, would it work? Same method or would it need more cooking time? Any advice please thanks sam

  2. Sorry, just found this comment. Too late probably. Some more cooking time would be needed and it may not get as much air as the smaller amounts.