Friday, July 18, 2008

Thermomix Jaffa Cake

What do you do when you've gone crazy and bagged a bargain with heaps of cheap good quality mandarins? There aren't that many recipes spring to mind, but I thought that I could change the oranges in the old-faithful boiled orange and almond cake for mandarins and add some chocolate pieces. Brilliant. How original??

Well, not very as it turns out. A check of the old 'net shows that somebody has been here before me!!!

Oh well, never mind. They didn't do it in a Thermomix.

The proportions and timing are not set in stone. The size and juiciness of the mandarins and the vagaries of your oven will need to be taken into account.

Good Luck.

Boiled Mandarin, Almond and Chocolate Chip Cake


5 mandarins, washed
250 g almonds
250g Sugar
5 eggs
1tsp Baking Powder
100g chocolate chips


Place the whole mandarins (with skin on) into the Thermomix basket and place 1000ml of water into the TM bowl. Cook for 10 minutes at 100°C on speed 3. Drain off the water and replace with another 800ml water cook for 40 minutes at Varoma temperature on speed 4. Remove the basket from the TM bowl and allow mandarins to cool. When cool enough to handle, slice in half and remove any pips.

Lightly dry TM bowl and add almonds. Grind for 10 seconds on speed 8. Scrape down almonds from side and repeat for another 10 seconds. Add mandarin pieces to TM bowl and blend for 10 seconds on speed 5. Add sugar, eggs and baking powder and blend for 30 seconds on speed 5.

Lastly, place chocolate chips into TM bowl with mixture and mix for 10 seconds on reverse speed 5.

Pour into greased 20cm springform cake tin. Bake at 180°C for approximately 45 minutes, until nicely browned and either firm to touch or a skewer comes out clean. It may require an extra 10 - 20 minutes depending on your oven, size of mandarins, etc.

When cool dust with icing sugar (made by grinding A1 sugar in TM bowl for 10 seconds on speed 9), chocolate shavings (if you are a diehard chocolate fiend) and serve with whipped cream.


  1. That sounds great. Jaffa is awesome. Love mandarins but we're not buying many at the moment as Lil Miss has a contact allergy : (

    Mandarin cordial is delicious if you still have a surplus.

  2. Buenos Días, soy Vamosalculete, jajajajaja, he visto en el foro que tienes un blog, y aunque entiendo muy poco de inglés, me encanta y haré todo lo posible por entender tus recetas, aunque tenga que volver a clases para reciclarme.

    Espero verte mucho por, ya sabes "aquel, nuestro foro".

    Un besín, mi "solete".


  3. mmmmmm this looks so yummy!

    By the way, I've "tagged" you. To see what that means, there's an explanation on my site when you've got a spare minute.

  4. Dani, thanks. Shame about the allergy - not fun.

    Vamosalculete - Bienvenidos a mi blog. Espero que sea útil.

  5. IC Shellie - tasted yummy. I'll check your blog for the Tagging. Love your work on blog & V forum