Monday, June 30, 2008

Rosti rework for Geoff

Following up on a report by Karen about the potato cakes (rösti style) in the “Everyday Cooking… for Every Family!” cookbook, I tried out the recipe yesterday.

I placed the ingredients into the bowl, as per the book, and blitzed it for 3 seconds at speed 6. Then I scraped down the sides and processed again for 2 more seconds at speed 6.

Normally, rösti is a grated potato dish, similar to hash browns, being fried in butter or oil to produce a crisp outside & smoother, soft inside (or that’s what Swiss people have told me!!).

After 5 seconds the mixture had reached a point where there was still enough texture, but no chunks. The recipes suggests 30 seconds at speed 6-7. This would produce a very smooth result. The flavour should be the same, but maybe not the mouthfeel.

My partner thought that they were yummy, and was disappointed to find that after she had eaten 2 from the photo shoot, the dogs scored the rest. They eat any human food voraciously and so their opinions don’t count.

It is a similar situation with the coleslaw recipe in the “Everyday Cooking… for Every Family!” cookbook. You need to blitz for short periods, scrape down the bowl and keep checking, otherwise you get raw cabbage slop.

Down be deterred Geoff, try it again with less time.


  1. thanks Jeff! i have sent him the link (he is reading as i post ;))

    i want him to make them again so i can try them, so we'll report back and let you know how i get on.

    i have definitely found a lot of the recipes severely over-estimate the time needed chopping.

  2. PS: your link for your pantry pic didn't work for me :( would you mind reposting? pretty please :)