Friday, July 4, 2008

Varoma Mushrooms for Rick

I picked up my new Varoma attachment on Monday and so have been trying out a few dishes.

One of the benefits is that you can harness the steam produced from cooking other food in the main bowl to produce some magic in the Varoma.

Rick requested more Varoma recipes and so next week I will post an Aussie classic, but until then just another quickie.

Thanks also to Rick, for reviving my memories of going up into the countryside (to Doncaster/Templestowe!! -long time ago) to hunt for mushrooms. Running around in the fields to find the fairy rings of little white fungi. Before my uncle educated us, we thought that the bigger they were the better that they would be. Depends on what you are going to do with them.

I needed to crank up the Thermomix for another dish but decided to make us some of Rick's garlic butter and cook the mushies in the Varoma. It worked a treat - thanks for the idea.

Varoma Mushrooms with garlic Butter.


8 - 12 large flat mushrooms

Rick's TMX garlic butter


Carefully remove the stalk from the mushroom trying to preserve as much of the gills as possible. Place a dessertspoon of garlic butter in the centre of the mushroom from where the stalk has been removed. Place the mushrooms in the Varoma.

Place 500ml water in the bowl (if not using the TMX bowl for cooking something else). Set to 20 minutes at Varoma temp on speed 4 (if not cooking somehting else). Check after 20 minutes and cook longer as needed. The ones in the photo took 20 minutes from the time that the machine reached Varoma temperature, but yours may be smaller.

Serve as an entree or part of main meal & enjoy.


  1. I certainly did ask for more varoma recipes, so thanks for pointing out this one right under my nose. The more uses I have for the varoma the happier I am. Can't wait for the Aussie classic, I'm guessing it's not pavlova

  2. Oh I didn't notice these mushrooms were named after me, I am feeling very honoured

  3. Sorry, just discovered that I hadn't replied. I have made these a few times now to accompany meat dishes. Thanks for giving me the idea. Very healthy too.