Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Veal Rolls with dried fruit and nuts

Another recipe roughly translated/adapted from "A Tutto Vapore"

Veal Rolls with dried fruit and nuts


30g of sultanas
50 g rum
30g walnuts
30 grams of almonds, whole, blanched
500 g veal, a piece (3x3cm)
100 grams of dried apricots, pitted, cut into strips
100 grams of dried plums, pitted, cut into strips
1 teaspoon vegetable salt or fine salt
1 pinch pepper
oil as needed
600 g of water


Put the raisins and rum in a bowl, allow to soak a little and then strain the raisins before use.

Put the walnuts and almonds in the TM bowl, chop for 3 seconds on Speed 6, remove and set aside.

Place 250 grams of veal into TM bowl, chop for 10 seconds on Speed 7, set aside in bowl with dried fruit. Chop the other half of meat for 10 seconds on Speed 7.

Add the meat with raisins, walnuts and chopped almonds, dried fruit, salt and pepper to the meat in the bowl, mix for 20 seconds on Reverse and Speed 3. Form 2 rolls of meat and wrap each in oiled aluminum foil. Close the ends of the foil and place in the container of the Varoma.

Pour water into TM bowl, position the Varoma and cook for 30 minutes at Varoma temperature on Speed 1.

Remove the Varoma and leave the meat to cool.

Put in refrigerator for about 2 hours. Serve cold sliced (1 cm.).

Originally published here in the Thermomix Forum

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