Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paté of foie gras

Another recipe roughly translated/adapted from "A Tutto Vapore"

Paté of foie gras


500-600gr duck liver, fresh
4 teaspoons cognac
2 teaspoons of salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper (five colours if possible),
1.2 lt water
300 grams of ice cubes

Sweet wine sauce
750 g of sweet wine, (eg Pedro Ximenez)
250 gr cream 35% fat
1 teaspoon corn starch
juice of 1 orange,
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch black pepper, freshly ground


Paté of fois gras:
Open the liver and with the tip of a knife, remove all the arteries and sinew.
Place the liver in a bowl, sprinkle 2 teaspoons of cognac, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper mixture over entire surface. Let the liver marinate for 30 minutes (in the meantime, prepare the sauce). Turn the liver in the bowl and cover with the remaining cognac, salt and pepper and marinade again for another 30 minutes. Using your hands form into a compact shape.

Place the liver in the center of a sheet of transparent film (allowing about 50 cm per side); press and roll out well and expel all the air, to form a sausage. Repeat the process by covering with another 4 pieces of foil. Arrange in the container of the Varoma.

Pour 800 grams of water in the TM bowl and position the Varoma, cook for 15 minutes on Varoma Speed 1.

Turn carefully and cook the sausage for another 15 minutes at Varoma temperature on Speed 1.

Gently put the liver parcels in a bowl with the remaining 400ml water and ice cubes. Allow to cool for 20 minutes. Then put the sausage, still wrapped in film in the refrigerator for 3 days.


Pour wine into TM bowl and reduce for 30 minutes at Varoma temperature on Speed 2.

Instead of having the Measuring Cup in place, support basket on the lid, to allow greater evaporation. The wine needs to reduce to half its volume.
Add the cream mixed with the corn starch, orange juice and season with salt and pepper. Cook for 15 minutes at Varoma temperature on Speed 2, with the basket on top instead of the Measuring Cup. Transfer to a bowl, allow to cool and then keep refrigerated.

SERVE the Paté with thin slices of bread or a toast with a pinch of black pepper, accompanied by the sauce.

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