Friday, August 14, 2009

Thermomix Mascarpone Ice Cream

This recipe came from a cooking program on TV - Chuck's Day Off - it is very basic but it has a really has good texture.

He used frozen bananas but other fruit will work.

Hope you give it a go.

Mascarpone Ice Cream


30 - 60g sugar - depending on the sweetness of your fruit
4 bananas, cut into chunks and frozen (or 400g seasonal fruit - frozen in chunks)
1 & 1/2 cups (sorry forgot the weight) mascarpone cheese
1 tsp vanilla extract (or seeds scraped from the bean)

TM method:

Place sugar in TM bowl and blitz on Speed 9 for 15-20 seconds
Add remaining ingredients and blitz on Speed 9 for 20 - 40 seconds.

Place into moulds or tray in freezer and leave for at least 6 hours.

Take out of freezer and allow to sit at room temp for 5 mins before serving.

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