Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thermomix Beetroot and Chocolate Custards

A dish using the combination of chocolate and beetroot in a sweet custrad that cooks well in the Varoma. So you only need the Thermomix to prepare these little delights

Sweet Beetroot and Chocolate Custards


rind of half an orange
100g sugar
300g beetroot, unpeeled, cut into chunks
1 MC (100ml) orange juice
1/2 tsp salt
90g dark chocolate, Melts or broken
roughly into chunks
3 eggs
6 greased dariole moulds
600g water


Place orange rind and sugar into TM bowl and chop for 30 seconds on Speed 7.

Add beetroot to TM bowl and grate for 20 - 30 seconds on Speed 8. The pieces should be similar in size to rice grains. Add orange juice and salt and cook for 20 - 30 minutes at 90°C on Speed 1 with the MC in place.

Add chocolate and blend for 10 seconds on Speed 5.

Add eggs and blend for 10 seconds on Speed 4.

Place mixture into greased dariole moulds and position in the Varoma. Place the 600g water into the TM bowl (no need to clean) and set for 20 minutes at Varoma temperature on Speed 1.

Serve with whipped cream, yoghurt, yoghurt ice cream, ice cream, ….


  1. You have been busy with the beetroot Thermomixer!! Just love seeing what you are developing next. Keep it up!

  2. Keep up your good work too ILB - going well

  3. I've made this a few times and it's always been well received. Thanks so much for posting this recipe.

  4. Pleasure - it is one of my favs (even did it for a Masterchef audition ;) and it was well received ) but that's another story.

  5. Well, it's become one of my favourites. So when are you going to tell the other story? I watched Masterchef as much as I could (but not so much the celebrity version)...