Monday, July 27, 2009

Thermomix Steamed Eggs

This is a simple way of "poaching" eggs in the Thermomix. You can simply place the egg poachers that are available commercially, or even a coddler in the Varoma, rather than the silicon paper.

With the new clear Varoma lid it is easy to keep a check on the eggs progress.

Steamed eggs in Varoma

600g water
4 eggs
salt & pepper to taste

Place wet and wrung out baking/silicon paper into the Varoma tray, pour water into TM bowl.

Place the empty Varoma into position and cook for 6 minutes at Varoma temperature on Speed 1.

Place greased egg rings onto the paper in the Varoma tray and then place an egg into each mould in the Varoma, steam for 5-6 minutes at Varoma temperature on Speed 1.

Season with S & P and serve immediately with toast soldiers.


  1. Mmmnnn, should have breakfast this morning, these look scrumptious!

  2. Made these this morning using the little silicon pods which are deeper than using rings. Took approx 8 mins of steaming to get how we like. A great way to do them, thankyou :)