Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thermomix Pasta with Truffles

Sorry, only the pictures tonight, recipe tomorrow.
Basically wanted to show you how we were served truffles and pasta at Il Ristorante La Fornace di Mastro Giorgio . Plates were brought to the table ultrahot and placed before the diner. Swirls of butter were placed on the plates and truffle sliced over the top. The aroma was superb. The pasta dressed with butter or oil was then placed on top and more truffle shaved over this, some parmagiano and crakced black pepper finished the dish.
Simple, but absolutely superb.



  1. OK, where do you get the truffles from? That looks like something I would like to try right now.

  2. Hi Rick
    They are available at Simon Johnson's for WA truffles or via mail (but minimun order is 50g for $170 see

    You can get smaller ones from SJs - phone first to check they have some & what size. Aroma varies a lot.

  3. Thanks, I assume I'm looking for the ones with the most aroma?

  4. Love to see someone so generous with their truffles. Some dishes just need to be smothered with them to get the full effect, glad you didn't hold back!

  5. Hi Rick - yes, the more aroma the better.

    Neil, my take on it is to have the shavings fine like with jamon and prosciutto so that you release the aroma. No point chewing them as far as I'm concerned.