Saturday, April 10, 2010

Forumthermomix Crash

Oh dear - the world has ended - well nearly. The Forumthermomix site has had some problems and the owners of the site are hopefully sorting it out - it should be back up and running.

I was able to login earlier today and so know that it is all there - they just need to pay their bills and we'll be fine.

Managed to take a snapshot before it closed to me again as evidence that all is not lost:


  1. Phew - we were getting worried! We'll all have withdrawel symptoms! :p

  2. Thank goodness! Still shaking from withdrawals as I type!! :)

  3. Phew....I knew you'd have the answer. Bless

  4. 3.30pm and the site seems to still be having issues. It was OK this morning but I keep seeing a different site page and something about the domain name having expired????

    ...please save us Thermomixer!!!

  5. May take a day or two to sort out. You may be able to login from a different computer?

    Not sure.