Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thermomix ChocBeet Cream

This came from a week of developing recipes with beetroot and chocolate.

It not only looks delicious, tastes good and is full of healthy beetroot (and not so healthy chocolate and cream)

Simple, but yummy.

Thermomix ChocBeet Cream


400 g beetroot, cut into chunks
(don’t bother peeling,
just wash and remove top and root tip)
50 g orange juice
pinch salt
100 g milk or dark chocolate
200 ml cream (35%)


Place the beetroot in the TM bowl and chop for 20 seconds on speed 8.

Add orange juice and salt and cook for 25 minutes at 90°C on speed 1.

Add chocolate to TM bowl and blend for 15 seconds on speed 8.

Remove mixture to a bowl and allow to cool while cleaning TM bowl.

Make sure the bowl is clean and dry. Place Butterfly on blades and place cream into TM bowl. Whip for 30 - 40 seconds on Speed 4, until the cream is holding shape.

Add beetroot and chocolate mixture and whip for 10 -15 seconds on Speed 3 until mixed well.

Serve as is, or cool in fridge before serving.


  1. That's sounds so yummy!!! Wish I could have cream :( I love beetroot and chocolate together - I have a chocolate beetroot fudge cake recipe I love!

  2. Hi Jo - you could try substituting egg whites whipped up with some sugar to make a meringue and mix it through instead of cream?