Thursday, November 27, 2008

Therm-off - Thermomix Recipe Competition

Tenina at Thermomix Australia has organized a monthly competition for Thermomix Recipes.

Each month Thermomix users are asked to send in recipes that they have created or adapted for the Thermomix.

From all the recipes sent in to TMX Australia, two are to be chosen each month and TMX users are asked to think about trying out the recipes and then voting.

This month, the recipes are from two of the bloggers from this site. Dani from The Kitchen Playground has a great Broad Bean and Feta Bruschetta (that's pronounced brew-sket-a [for Karen] - not brewshetter) and that is pitted against kedgeree.

All recipes will be considered for inclusion in new Thermomix Cookbooks - and the entrants will receive a copy of the new book if their recipe makes it into the books.

It is a great concept from a number of perspectives. Firstly, it encourages TMX users to record their recipes for others. It helps spread the word and increase usage of the Thermomix. The recipes presented can be "road-tested" by more than one person, under varying vonditions, so any errors or omissions or ambiguities can be sored out.

There are loads of ideas that are currently being utilized by Thermomix users that they should be sharing, but have felt that they have not previously had any avenue (despite the A Little Bit of Thermomix Magic blog that Karen started!!).

Well, thanks to Tenina you now can make use of all that knowledge to help your fellow users.

Please check out the Thermomix Australia recipe blog and think about trying the dishes - we need your help, so that TMX Oz can help you.

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