Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Contribute to the Thermomix Forum and Win

This blog has been quiet of late because I have been concentrating my attention on the recently-formed Thermomix Forum.

I started this blog to help promote our Users' Group with Yahoo, more than to produce recipes.

There are a number of recipes in Draft form that need to be published on this blog, some are awaiting photos, but until then . . . .

We would like people to contribute to the Thermomix Forum.

As an incentive, I propose to give away a copy of Jane Lawson's . . . "Yoshoku, Japanese food Western style".

There is an adaptation of one of the recipes on this blog. Jane corrected me on what her position is now within Murdoch Books - something like Publisher - Food, ... sorry Jane, lost that email.

She is the author and editor of many Murdoch Books including Cocina Nueva; Grub; Tossed (which Dani has been championing lately, in salads of various sorts and combinations); BBQ for Friends; and, Spice Market. She has credits in such books as MoVida and Food of Spain.

So, what to do?

Just join the Thermomix Forum, contribute a recipe for 5 chances of winning.

If you comment or just introduce yourself, you get a single "ticket" in the draw.

If you place a link to your recipe on your own blog, but don't actually reproduce the recipe, then you will also get a "ticket".

Each time you contribute, I will make a note and enter you in the draw.

All those who have contributed since the start of September, when we found out about the Forum, will be entered.

You don't need any fancy recipe and ANY post counts.

The draw will close on Sunday, November 23, 2008.

Join now if you haven't already and GOOD LUCK !!!

Correspondence will only be entered into on the Forum and my word is final.

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