Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why start another Blog about Thermomix ?

Well, that's a good question.

Everybody seems to be filling cyberspace with blogggg, so “Why not?”

No, I am not a salesperson or consultant for Thermomix. I am simply and avid fan(atic).

It was on a trip to Spain in 2003 with Tony Tan, of The Unlimited Cuisine Company, that I first saw a Thermomix. The machine was not part of the demonstration, but a meal was to be served after the class. Gabriela Llamas, who was presenting the class, decided to make some fideus, a type of Spanish noodle dish. She filled two Thermomix bowls, which looked a bit like blenders with blades in the base, with water and started the machines. Later she added the fried/toasted noodles and then set the machine to cook for a certain amount of time. The Thermomix was left to do its own thing while Gabriela continued demonstrating other dishes.

After a while the machines beeped to let her know that they were finished. At that time I imagined a couple of pots full of mush. But, to my amazement the noodles had cooked perfectly, without any supervision.

Gabriela explained that the machine was being used by many chefs in Spain due to the ability to cook at specific constant temperatures. So hollandaise sauce, crème anglaise and other dishes that did not respond well to overheating were child’s play in the Thermomix. It also chops & blends with great efficiency making instant sorbets and other wonderful dishes. She told us that it was an indispensable part of her kitchen.

Gabriela went on to produce a cookbook (in Spanish, sorry) “Cocinar con Thermomix” illustrated by her niece, Ximena Maier, of Lobstersquad, (who incidentally did Neil Murray’s illustration on At My Table). The book, as outlined on 25.10.06 by Ximena, has a mix of Spanish and exotic (Asian, Middle Eastern, French, Italian –exotic for Spain) dishes. Hopefully, Gabriela or Ximena will translate it one day.

On returning to Oz I could not find any cookware/department stores selling them here and so I forgot all about them. It was not until revisiting Gabriela’s cooking classes in 2005 that I remembered about these magic machines, but then visiting a little fishing village near Ancona really sealed my passion for the Thermomix. We had a meal with numerous courses of fish and seafood in soup, risotto, pasta, fritto misto and then just grilled, before we were served the most sublime green apple sorbet. The chef explained that it was just green apples (probably frozen in pieces) blitzed in his Bimby (Italian for Thermomix). It was so silky smooth and refreshing. Then I was really keen to get one.

The Thermomix is not available in stores, so after searching the internet I managed to find out that we needed to attend or hold a demonstration (a la Tupperware, lingerie parties, etc) to get one. It was November 2007 before my partner finally ordered one for my birthday. It is the best present I have ever received and now I want to share my enthusiasm.

Hopefully something in the following days, week, months, years of blogging along will appeal to somebody out there.

Time to get back in the kitchen and rattle the Thermomix.


  1. thanks for the comments! looking forward to more recipe ideas for bimby :)

  2. ThermoMax - you sound like a complete nutter, but you probably have to be to jump into the blogosphere with both feet. Respect.

    Am really enjoying seeing your comments popping up about the place too.

  3. Not a complete nutter but a bit fanatical at times - once I get started on a mission...
    Ditto about the comments - really enjoy your style and approach.
    Hope to catch up at some stage.

  4. I heard about Thermomixer on David Lebovitz' blog. Then Ed mentioned you and here I am. I'm hoping the demos are available in Queensland as this could be just the thing I need in my situation.

  5. Hey there

    Are these contractions crazy expensive, i think I want one...


  6. As with cheese - relatively. If you think about $1 per day for 5 years, then that's not too bad. But when you say $1850 in one breath, then some people faint. My spouse bought mine for my birthday after I had been lusting over it for some time. The initial outlay put me off as I have so many "gadgets" and kitchen implements, including a magimix & Kitchen Aid. Still, I wouldn't be without it now.

  7. I have a Thermomix, and I discovered this nice forum for sharing recipes and getting to know other fans of this product:

  8. Just found that I have not replied - too excited and spent too much time there !!!!!

    Thanks again

  9. Hi Thermomixer...I have responded to you on the Thermomix blog and didn't realise you had your own site...I am the recipe developer for TM and have my own site as well...I am another TM addict I'm afraid. Hope to see you around the traps sooner or later..Cheers

  10. Hi everyone,
    I´m a Spaniard thermomix addict. I love cooking and searching international recipes for thermomix I came across this wonderfull site. Thermomix in Spain is a huge world, there are many forums and blogs dedicated to it . I will love to share some recipes with you, the only problem is that my English is a bit poor

    Regards from a cold Madrid

  11. Beunas dias macorla, My Spanish is hopeless. If you would like to share recipes then please check out

    We have Spaniards from Madrid and Barcelona there too. Now that the forum is up and running I don't post as much here.


  12. Fall in love with Thermomix at the first sight.

  13. HI there Thermomixer,
    You are the first blog I've ever read...and I like what you say.


  14. i too am in love with my beautiful thermie