Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thermomix Tiramisù Ice Cream

This sweet little number comes from Allan Campion and Michele Curtis’ book “In The Kitchen”. This cookbook has a wealth of (over 1000) very tasty recipes presented in easy to understand format, using readily available ingredients.

I have made many other recipes from their book, but this one caught Mrs T’s eye and, as we had all the ingredients (except sweetened condensed milk), I decided to make some dulce and then use some of the thickened mixture to substitute for the canned milk.

Also, simply because the triangular mould was there, I decided to vary the recipe.

The original recipe only has coffee drizzled over the last layer of sponge fingers, however, I would use more coffee and liqueur next time and drizzle over more of the biscuits. You don’t want to soak them, but some extra flavour and moisture would be good.

It has been a great success though and thanks go to Allan & Michele, and Rosemary di Benedetto who supplied them with the idea.

Tiramisù Ice-Cream


125 ml strong black coffee (or more as desired)
2 Tbsp coffee liqueur
395 g can sweetened condensed milk
600 ml cream
60 ml milk
12 sponge fingers


Carefully line a medium (21cm x 9cm x 6cm) loaf tin with cling film.

Mix the coffee and liqueur together and allow to cool.

Position the butterfly over the blades in the TM bowl. Place the condensed milk, cream and milk into the TM bowl and whip for 3 minutes on speed 4, or until thick. Add half of the coffee mixture and beat for 10 seconds on speed 3.

Lay 6 sponge finger biscuits in the base of the tray (I would then spoon over some coffee mixture) and cover with the milk and cream mix. Top with the remaining sponge fingers and spoon over the remaining coffee mixture.

Freeze overnight.

Remove from the tin and cut into 1 cm slices and then cut these diagonally. Serve with a butterscotch sauce.


  1. Groan!! That looks so delicious - I wish I could eat cream!

  2. I initially read the title as Toblerone ice cream - it must've been the triangle shape!