Friday, April 10, 2009

Frittata in the Varoma

Well, I have said a few times, in various places that you can make an omelette or a frittata in the Varoma tray. This post is to show that, not only can you do it, but it is very easy.

So, here is how to do it, the recipe with the mini Ham & Asparagus Frittatas will appear tomorrow.

Firstly, take a piece of silicon (baking) paper that will fit into the Varoma tray. Crumple it up and wet it, wring it out, then straighten it back out and place in the tray, which you have sitting in the Varoma base.

Add what ever vegetables, seafood, fish or meats that you wish:

Blend up your eg mix in the Thermomix bowl and pour over the contents. This mix had 6 eggs and some milk.

Place 600 ml of water into the TM bowl and position the lid and Varoma. Cover the Varoma with the lid. Set the Thermomix for 15 minutes at Varoma temperature and speed 2.

Check after the 12 minutes has elapsed to see if the frittata has cooked sufficiently. It depends on what is mixed in with the frittata as to how long it may take - so no definite times.

When you have finished there is a moist, delicious frittata waiting to be devoured, and only the Thermomix to clean (which it does itself mostly !!!)

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